Sounds of the heart. Whispers of the soul.

The kid with brown hair

He had brown hair.
Hair that was once black.
But now burnt,
begging all day in the harsh sunlight.

He was very tiny. Young and lean.
But his eyes looked old in spite of him.
He was waiting, his eyes gleaming.
A film crew had just finished feasting.

He looked hungry. His stomach and spine one.
He was pathetic; he might as well have died.
He had watched the stars dine;
Hoping for a morsel with their each bite.

He stared at their dirty dishes
with the food they had wasted.
There was more food than
he had ever had in a week

He looked at the cook, hope in his eyes.
The cook glanced at him with little mercy.
A cleaner had started picking up the dishes,
emptying all the food in a waste bin.

The boy now turned his attention
to the cleaner with the bin.
He tagged behind him,
hoping to find the treasures that lay within.

The man picked up the bucket
and walked to the end of the street.
Four German shepherds stood there,waiting,
alert, hungry and on a leash.

The boy stayed behind,
wary of the furry beasts.
The man looked at the kid,
emptied the bin and fed the beasts.

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