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Some wonderful links to learning languages in a fun and better still free way 🙂
Hope it helps you all!


Besides travel, design and photography, another big hobby of mine is learning foreign languages. Therefore I am overjoyed that during the last few years online learning tools have become more and more prominent. What’s even better, a lot of them are free! Websites like these are still taking their first real steps into the big and scary world (wide web) and are still (partly) operating in Beta version, but they are all worth giving a try, you can take my word for it! Below I’ve listed my top 3 language learning websites and their particular features, so you’ll be able to determine which website will suit your needs and preferences best.

1. Memrise

Memrise was launched in September 2010 and focusses on three “ingredients”. The first is science, particularly brain science. As its name would suggest, Memrise has been designed to make most of your memories while learning a language…

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